Backyard Revolution Review: Is it Worth The Hype?

Finally, I got the time to make the backyard revolution review for you guys.

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of courses claiming to help you become 100% energy independent even if you are a total beginner.

The truth, most of these courses are not worth the money at all.

However, among the few worthy programs out there, we find Backyard Revolution.

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This program that teaches you how to create additional green energy in your backyard.

There is a lot of hype around this program these days and that is no coincidence.

The Backyard Revolution is promising a lot of good things and there many people out there with positive reviews after buying this program.

In this review, we get into details and we cover everything related to this course to see if it is really worth the money or not.

Let’s get started.

What is Backyard Revolution about?

backyard revolution program

Backyard Revolution is a program which trains you on the design and development of a home power station.

The core aim of the program is to prevent the waste of energy which is common in the conventional solar panels.

The program teaches you the most innovative way of arranging solar panels in a zigzag design to utilize the maximum solar power with near to zero waste.

Saving on electric bills, getting green power, saving on space, easy accessibility, and anytime availability are the other important features of the program. You can understand the content within the first reading due to its simplicity.

The presentation takes you step-by-step through the materials, tools, techniques, and methods of backyard revolution.

It gives you plenty of tips and helps in troubleshooting problems (if any).

All you have to do is to follow the steps and the backyard revolution will materialize within a few hours.

Who is the creator of the Backyard Revolution?

zack bennett founder of backyard revolution

Zack Bennett is the creator of Backyard Revolution. He is a common man like you with no previous experience of working on solar or other power projects.

He became an accidental solar panel specialist after his home was broken in during massive power cut.

His tryst with Backyard revolution started when he discovered the latest development by MIT to change the design of solar panel cells from horizontal to 3-D vertical design.

It inspired him to such an extent that he decided to design his own zigzag solar panel.

He was able to realize his dream of the most efficient solar panel with near-zero energy loss.

He could meet the power needs of his home. Then he decided to share his experiment so that you can also benefit. He wants you to learn what he invented and benefit immensely.

The program is the result of Zack Bennett’s vision to empower the world with the best alternative source of power.

He has designed the program through easy to understand chapters and interesting presentations.

Who The Backyard Revolution is for?

This program is for anyone who wants to harness solar power for lighting, appliances, utilities and other home applications.

If you are tired of frequent power outages, excessive electric bills, and the apathy of power corporations, the program is certainly for you.

Your power needs could be small, medium, or large. You can utilize the program to generate energy according to your specific requirements. Zack Bennett has designed the Backyard Revolution to be scalable in design to any level.

If you want a clean and green source of power with no risks of downtime and blackout, the program is for you. You could be an experienced technician or a newbie, the program works for you.

If you are interested in using innovation as a tool to power your home, the program will certainly work for you. All it takes is a willingness to learn and implement the program as it is. You don’t need to do anything extra.

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What do you get with the program?

Zack Bennett has categorized the program into many sections. The program is available in the form of a beautifully packed CD.

He has categorized the program into several chapters in which you can find presentations, text, drawings, pictures, and so many other features.

– List of Tools – for Cutting and Shaping the Revolution

Zack Bennett has mastered the art of Backyard Revolution with his unique set of tools. In the first chapter, he describes the set of tools required for the program.

He gives details of every tool from its name, to its application at the right time in the right way.

The tools are mostly compact and handheld. It is an assorted list of manual and semi-automated tools. He has chosen them in order of safety, utility, and ease of use.

– Material List – for Converting Concepts into Variables

Zack Bennett has created the list of materials based on his extensive research and development. He has made it simple and practical for you to read and understand.

He gives a detailed description of their technical specifications, usage, and applications in this chapter.

He has described the dimensions, quality, characteristics, and the types of variables which control their behavior.

He has described in detail the dependent and independent variables which contribute to material strength, practicability, and durability.

– Parts Dimensions – for Accurate Fitment and Alignment  

Zack Bennett shaped himself to be a specialist in mathematics, physics, and chemistry during his experiments on the Backyard Revolution.

His accurate evaluation of parts dimensions gets reflected in the program. In this chapter, he describes the dimension of each part with precision to the last digit.

Now, you may think it takes an engineering brain to understand it.

Well, it is rather the opposite.

He has made it so simple that a layman like me could understand it. You too can get the best out of the material list.

Zack Bennett has specified the Length X Height X Width X Thickness factors of every part in figures.

In some cases, the accuracy is to the two digits and in others, it is to the three-digit value. He has given you the option of inches, centimeters, and millimeters.

He has also specified the accessories and spare parts in this chapter. So, you know exactly the quantity and numbers. It makes your job simple and easy.

– Assembly Drawings – Pictorially Perfect Procedures

The language of graphics is the simplest and easiest to understand. The human mind is programmed to absorb and retain images more than words.

Zack Bennett has used this concept to project all the assembly and building procedures through drawings.

The program shows the drawings through sectional view, intersections, lines, planes, and projections. He has done the drafting and dimensioning to precision.

Isometric views, parallel projections, and orthographic presentations make it easy to understand the drawings.

The main objective of the chapter is to communicate the concepts and methods to you as a reader and a potential creator.

The descriptive geometry of the drawings will help you to visualize the functioning of each part and component.

Zack Bennett has created the drawings with an aim to make you understand the practical implementation of the program within the shortest time.

Once you understand the drawing, it is easy to convert all the probabilities into possibilities.

Drawings by Zack Bennett give you the fundamental and advanced view of the construction of the objective in the program.

They enable you to cut and shape the materials using precision tools listed in the program.

– Assembly Pictures – Real Life Images for Complete Understanding

Diagrams give you the real-time feeling of the project and its procedures. Pictures give you the image of finished products that work efficiently.

The combination of these two aspects can make your project perfect, fast, and simple.

Zack Bennett is a specialist in training you to become an expert in the program. He has presented some of the most impressive close-shots of the project pictures to motivate you.

The pictures will tell you about the smallest procedures like cutting, sawing, shaping, milling, and other procedures in detail.

Zack Bennett is an expert in narrating picture based procedures. He has listed detailed steps for the assembly and building along with each picture.

Hence, you can visualize the output every time you work on the steps.

Pictures in the program give you much better ideas, where the words may not be so effective.

You can identify the location of each screw, nut, and other components to precision.

What are the Benefits (Pros) of Backyard Revolution?

The first benefit of the program is you become an expert in Backyard Revolution. The other benefits are:

  • Complete knowledge of tools and materials
  • Practical understanding of drawings
  • Visualization of pictorial presentations
  • Ability to follow the procedure flow
  • Quick learning of symbols
  • Confidence to start the project
  • Attainment of consistency in the project
  • Ability to logically think and analyze the program

– Understanding of Instructions – Fundamental Elements of Success

Zack Bennett has given out all his instructions in the form of descriptive and graphical presentations.

You can get a firm hold on the principles and practices from the start to the finish. He has connected all the text, drawings, pictures, and other elements to precision.

The program is like following a picture story. There is no chance of making a mistake at any point.

Since the program is in digital format, it is easy to read wherever you go. You can download it onto your PC, laptop, and phone.

Just by browsing through the program it is possible to get fundamental ideas.

Read it in-depth and you can become an expert within a few days. Study it and you can become a specialist.

– Implementing the Instructions – Ultimate Path to Progress

All the instructions in the program are simple and easy to implement. Follow the steps from the first step to the final step exactly as in the program.

You don’t need to put any extra effort in the implementation of the program.

As you progress in studying and analyzing the program, it is possible to get some intuitive ideas about the project. Zack Bennett has the unique talent of motivating you at every step.

So, I suggest that you keep studying the program at times when you may feel like dropping out.

A little bit of patience and persistence will keep you on the program track until you succeed. Your willingness is the key which opens the ultimate path to progress in the program.

Once you start the implementation of the program, the flow will take you all the way to completion. It will be the most interesting and profitable program that you have ever come across so far.

– Money-Saving – With the Benefit of Natural Power

Money-saving is the biggest benefit you get from the program. Calculate the money you are paying to the power corporations and compare it with the investment in the program.

You can get a clear picture of the volume of money you can save.

The program is more than about saving money. It gives an opportunity to create a natural source of energy that is endless. It is emission-less, green, and healthy for your family.

The program is about utilizing the most abundant energy source in the world that works during all the seasons.

Pros In Terms of how the program was made:

  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Simple language in presentation
  • Detailed drawings and clear pictures
  • Structured process flow
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Highly useful tips
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What are the Probable Cons of the Program?

One of the most probable cons (You could call it as a limitation which can be overcome) could be the complexity of the drawings.

Agreed that they are in detail, but sometimes they could be overwhelming. Patience and persistence is the key to success.

You may feel it is tough to follow at the time of program implementation. It could be because you are in a hurry to get things done. You have to refer to the program every time you face difficulties.

Read the instructions until you understand them clearly. Don’t worry if you don’t understand them immediately.

You may feel the limitations when you are unable to connect the instructions with the images and drawings, though it is described clearly.

Some of the other probable cons could be

  • Difficulty in following the assembly instructions
  • Difficulty in understanding tools and materials

The program can resolve all the problems with its helpline. Just drop an email to the program creator and you can get detailed solutions to your problems.

What are people saying about Backyard Revolution?

backyard revolution people are saying backyard revolution feedback 1

There are hundreds of such comments and testimonials which you can find on social media and related sites. People have found the program to be implementable and money-saving.

Of course, there are also some people who have found the program to be difficult.

The equation is the willingness to follow the program, which all the readers have expressed openly. Most of the readers opine the program to be the best they have come across so far.

Many of them have already implemented the program and got good results.

Most of the users have started the implementation with the lighting and appliances. They have said it is working fine.

Some of them were apprehensive about the feasibility of the program in the initial stages. However, they got good results and that made them happy.

The single factor of ultimate satisfaction from the people has been saving on electric bills which they have found to be great.

Verdict: To Be or Not To Be?

The final verdict is the backyard revolution is a success.

It gives you the perfect opportunity to design and develop a natural power generator.

The presentations, drawings, and pictures in the program are highly impressive and easily understandable.

You don’t need to be an expert for using the program. Zack has developed the program completely from the perspective of the layman which is simple and easy to follow.

All you need is the willingness to follow the program as it is.

Initially, you may find the program to be overwhelming because of the content volume.

Don’t worry; you can go slowly on it until you get a grip over the flow.

Then it becomes simple and easy for you to understand the concepts.

Once you get the concepts, implanting them into practical applications become faster.

You can get a hold on the subject from the tools, materials, drawings, and pictures.

You just have to follow the connectivity and flow.

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