Build a Container Home Review: The Whole Truth

Nowadays, people are more daring and because of that, experimentation have become the order of the day.

The things that used to appear as weird a couple of years ago are the new normal. That’s why it shouldn’t be surprising to come across people who prefer living in container homes as opposed to the “standard” homes.

I for one, wouldn’t mind such a thrilling exploration, but I must agree to find resources to guide you through the building process isn’t easy.

So, that’s why when Warren Thatcher came-up with his Build a Container Home eBook, I had to look at it.

Here I share with you an honest build a container home review of what I found out about this digital product.

Is it worth buying?

What is the Build a Container Home eBook about?

The Build a Container Home eBook is a digital resource that promises to offer its users the necessary steps and guidance they require to build their dream container homes from scratch.

This digital product comes in the form of a PDF and it contains all the necessary guidelines on the techniques users can apply to achieve cost-effectiveness.

So, if you have been considering building a container home, right from designing it, to material collection and finally building, then you will be glad to know that this’s exactly what this program promises to offer.

The eBook contains 65 pages, all of which contain comprehensive details that seek to help you design and build a shipping container home within the shortest time possible.

Who is the creator of the Build a Container Home eBook?

As a renowned home builder and designer, Warren Thatcher used his 14 years of experience in building container homes to come-up with this promising eBook.

From the start, his objective was to help individuals design and build their container homes, without incurring many expenses.

And because he draws all his inspiration from what he has observed, learned and gone through in his linework, I expect this eBook to be really useful to every interested individual.

He has vividly shared his knowledge through precisely written words and pictures for easy remembrance.

Who is this Build a Container Home eBook for?

This booking provides an incredible but yet simple and cheap way to build shipping container homes, which makes it an ideal pick for individuals seeking to build unique getaway retreats.

And because container homes are the strongest at their corners, it would be perfect to have such a house in the woods, if you love nature or any other place where you will comfortable spending time during uncertain times.

Also, due to the cost-cutting nature of these container homes, the eBook will be a great purchase for individuals working on a tight budget.

All you will need is to make a few adjustments and additions here and there and your home will be ready for use.

And if you’re an enthusiastic environmentalist, you will love the information in this eBook as container homes tend to be environmentally friendly.

In fact, you will be saving the universe by making use of a shipping container that has been lying around without use.

You might want to look at the content of this digital product if you love living a simple but classy life, are a home designer, and love trying out new construction ideas or are currently undertaking a project revolving around cheap homes or something close to that.

Also, if you can’t seem to stay in one place for long, then a container home might come in handy as you can easily ship it to your next destination. So, you don’t have to start building all over again, especially if in a location where construction costs are high.

What do you get with the Build a Container Home Program?

When you finally get to download Warren Thatcher’s “Build a Container Home” eBook, you will be tapping into the immeasurable 14-year old advice on this designer and builder.

You get to understand why the author stresses that for your construction to come-out successfully, you have to invest 90% of your concentration in the planning stage.

As you continue to peruse through Build a Container Home, you will receive amazing tips on how you can easily and effectively use that shipping container you’ve been storing or eyeing for years.

And even as you enjoy the good reads, you will discover some of the most common mistakes designers and builders of container homes tend to make. You will also, discover ways to curb them so that your project will come out not only safe but also strong!

Get to read about a cheaper way to build your container home and the best tactics to help you save up some cash and how you can use your money to ensure you receive desirable results.

While at it, you will come across some of the greatest ways to help you complete your project way ahead of schedule and how you can move-in ready without breaking a muscle.

And that’s not all, together with the compelling professional advice from Warren Thatcher, you will also receive the following from the plan;

  • Complete and comprehensively covered diagrams on how to achieve perfect electrical installations.
  • Amazing tips on the best ways to prepare your home, before moving on, to ensure that it’s rust-resistant.

Remember, rust is one of the dangers facing steel shipping container homes and you wouldn’t want to face this. It’s can be draining.

  • Your home needs strong foundations and skeleton to withstand any external environmental conditions. This eBook will help you master some of the pro techniques to help you come up with the strongest skeleton.
  • You will have access to various well-elaborated pictures and diagrams that will help you achieve great site footings and concrete foundations.

Remember, if you can prepare the site correctly, then everything else is bound to move smoothly. Pay close attention to these details.

  • Sometimes all you need is an idea to trigger your creative side. This program gives you access to 15 3D layout ideas for container homes.

So, you will have several options to choose from and then add your touch to enable you to build your dream container home.

  • Tips on how to get and purchase a shipping container and the lowest price possible. It’s important not only for your sanity but also your bank account. Remember, the idea here is AFFORDABILITY.
  • Some useful insulation tips for your shipping container home. This largely depends on the type of container you purchase.

You will find useful information in this eBook on the insulation options you can use, depending on the type of container you purchase.

The last thing you want is to spend your winter days shivering and summer days profusely sweating. A home is supposed to be comfortable and habitable at all times.

  • Being a professional builder and designer, Warren Thatcher gives you useful layout and design tips from his 14 years of work experience.

Yes, it might seem simple for you at the moment (before you start building), but when you begin you will realize how important it’s to know and understand the various available options.

You will find the multiple tips on selecting the correct size of the container for designing purposes useful.

  • Like every other home construction, you will require a building permit. The author is thoughtful enough to include the full checklist for you and a step-by-step guide on how to get that important permit.
  • The eBook also gives you a glimpse of other legal requirements you have to meet as you build your container home.
  • And of course, the list of all the suppliers you will require for your container home construction is included in this book. That too with quotations from multiple suppliers for comparison purposes.

As you can see, the entire eBook is quite extensive and covers everything you need to know as far as building a container home is concerned. Very few authors produce well thought of programs like this one.

Benefits/pros of the Build a Container Home program

If you’re “crazy” enough to think of living in a shipping container, then here are some of the benefits you will receive from this program;

In-depth Explanations

We all have different rates of grasping information. And the author of this book seems to understand this pretty well.

That’s why he ensures to give a detailed explanation of every point.

As you read the book, you will realize .that each point has sufficient backing information, which will help you get a clear picture of what’s being talked about.

Also, to ensure readers of various academic levels understand him, Warren has used a simple language, making, this eBook useful to everyone.

High-quality Pictures

Sometimes words without pictures can be complicated and pretty empty. With the use, of clear images in this PDF, the author seeks to ensure you clearly understand what’s he’s talking about.

And this includes giving you a glimpse of what you will be working on for scaling purposes.

Remember, a picture can show much more than you can read. It’s also pretty easy to remember what you see than what you read.

And clear pictures are a bonus as you can’t even miss even the tiniest details.

Insider Tips

Honestly speaking, there isn’t anything as amazing as receiving tips from an insider.

This is because someone can only give what is tried and tested. What they have seen work for others and themselves.

The mistakes they have seen others make, what they did to rectify that, and much more.

It’s simply bliss.

And this is what you can expect to receive from Warren through this eBook.

If you decide to follow his advice (which you’re likely to), then constructing your container home wouldn’t be as hard as you might have thought. You will have an upper hand on what is needed and that extra knowledge is immeasurable!

Quotations and Sources

It’s rare to find someone willing to give you tips of, their most amazing work and then go ahead to provide you with various places where you can source the materials and the quotations.

This book provides you with all that and as genuine as they come. The list of sources in the PDF is up-to-date and the prices are provided to help you compare, before settling for a source of your choice.

And even if you don’t settle for any of the sources he provides, you at least get an idea of how much money you should be ready to spend and decide if you’re ready or should wait a little bit longer.

Whichever way you choose to look at it, it’s still beneficial.

Legal Requirements

The Build a Container Home PDF provides you with all the legal information you need concerning various laws you should be aware of and adhere to before building your container home.

This includes how to get a permit and complying with legal obligations.

It might not seem much, but you will understand its weight once you put your mind into construction.

Also, the checklist will come in handy to help you ensure you don’t miss any important legal step. You want to start everything on the right foot and besides being on the wrong side of the law is costly and frustrating.

Installation Guides

When you finally gain access to the build a container home eBook, you will get to read various steps on how to install electricity and other essential installments within your container home.

These steps are important because they’re customized for container homes, thus contribute to the general safety of your home and valuables.

Actual Plans

If all you want is a simple container home and don’t have time, to come up with your designs, then you will appreciate the ready to use actual plans included in this eBook.

All you will need is to get mall the materials you need and you will be a step away from enjoying the warmth of your home.

Extra Layouts

Apart from the actual plans, the program includes a comprehensive list of 15-layouts, complete with all the necessary measurements that you can use to begin your building journey.

Cons of the Build a Container Home Program

Even with all the great information provided in this eBook, I couldn’t help but notice a few flaws such as;

  • The author didn’t give all name mentions of the tools that you will need to build the container house. It could have been great if he named all the tools for easy purchase.
  • As much as the plans are great for the eyes, the author skipped the most important aspect, which is providing a picture of the interiors.

This missing detail can make it difficult for beginners to successfully complete the construction within the schedule.

  • While I agree that the language used in the explanation of various details is simple enough to be understood by everyone. There is also some jargon used, which someone with a poor understanding of the building and design sector might have to search in the dictionary to understand.

It could have been better if the author included a list of glossary of terms used in his work to make everything easy for readers.

  • Also, the author could do better by providing more than 15 3D layouts to around 30 -50. He has the capacity given the years of experience.


As it is, before investing in anything, this eBook included, many buyers, including myself, have some percentage of doubt as to whether what it promises to offer is genuine or not.

So, let’s begin with the self-check first; who is the Build a Container Home eBook for?

First, if you love adventure and would like to build your little getaway in the woods, then it should be an interesting read.

Also, if traveling around is your hobby and you can’t seem to settle in one place for long, then you might need a container home as it’s easy to ship to wherever your next destination will be.

Another bunch of people who might be interested in the contents of this book is builders and designers who might want to “steal an idea or two from the amazing work of Warren.

And lastly, researchers tackling topics around cheap homes/container homes might find the program helpful in the preparation of their thesis/ evaluations.

Once you get this program, you will the love the fact that the author takes time to explain each point in detail, points out the most common construction mistakes and provide actual designs, and avoid them, and the techniques you need to build your container home from scratch.

In this PDF, you will also find a detailed checklist of the materials you will require, possible sources, and price quotations for comparison.

But I feel it could have been better if he named all the tools required or didn’t use jargon.

All in all, this eBook seems promising and with the well-thought-of and extensive nature it’s written, you’re bound to learn a lot. Thus, it’s worth your investment.

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