Easy Power Plan Review: Is It Worth it?

Electric power is literally the backbone of every home.

You need it to operate your television set, charge your mobile, keep the fridge and microwave running, light the bulbs, use that instant shower, among other power reliant home-based devices you can think of.

And because of this, most individuals confess to having struggled with large power bills at one point in their lives.

This is the reason why some homes have switched to solar power or the use of generators.

But these two also come with their share of pros and cons (a story for another day).

And today I am about to share with you an interesting solution that people use to stop being totally reliant on the government.

With the current cicrumstances with the pandemic and evertything, it seems like being prepared and self-sufficient has never been more critical.

So, wouldn’t it be cool if you came across a solution that will help you eliminate those power bills once and for all through an alternative source of energy?

That’s what Ryan Taylor promises to help you achieve through his Easy Power Plan.

easy power plan review

How genuine is it? Is it legit or scam?

Below is a comprehensive objective review of the Easy Power Plan to help you make an informed choice;

What is the Easy Power Plan about?

Easy Power Plan is a step by step guide by Ryan Taylor focusing on helping individuals come-up with their “power-plant” to help them slush their electric bills by around 60%.

According to the guide, you should see results within 30 days after the onset of your plant and it isn’t even complex to create.

And that’s not enough. When you see the list of ALL the things you will require to construct your home-power plant, you will be lost for words; very basic and affordable!

This changes EVERYTHING...Watch for yourself

You don’t even have to leave your compound to find some of these raw materials. In fact, you will be surprised to find out that most of them are the “garbage” you have been piling up at that corner within the backyard for years.

That’s how cool it can get!

The guide goes ahead to provide you with a list of tools you will require to create, your power plant, which will not only serve your basic needs but also provide limitless access to power throughout the year.

Who is the creator of the program?

As already mentioned earlier, the creator of this program is no other as Ryan Taylor.

Before this, little was known about this Geography teacher. Surprised?

Well, you aren’t alone. Maybe you expected, to hear something to do with physics. I was too. But that’s far from reality.

Ryan Tylor currently lives in Memphis, Tennessee and he is glad to share with the world what worked for him and his family.

You see, in 2015, Ryan’s home city was hard-hit by a never-seen flood. And, because of that terrible flood, they couldn’t access electric power for some days.  He had to watch his wife and 5-year-old daughter shiver to the overwhelming 40-degree cold weather.

And that was his turning point. This reality got him thinking of how much he and many others had been dependent on electric companies all their lives.

That’s how his research during those tough times led him to create this product.

But it wasn’t as easy as I am making it sound. And no, it wasn’t a one-day affair.  It took a lot of time and dedication.

And after consulting various resources he came across a device that could help solve the problem.

He created it from scratch with the help of Jason (his uncle’s friend) to come up with the design his uncle had left him.

They gave it a try and it worked!

The best part is that it helped him ‘own” a power source, which significantly saved him some bucks. He wasn’t going to pay some bills.

It thrilled him and, he decided to share the good news with others!

Who is this Easy Power Plan for?

If you find yourself questioning the reliability of your current source of energy be it to your home, office, firm, or any other place that you hold dear, then this program is for you.

If you are worried about the current situation and how the government is getting more and more control over every aspect of our lives, then learning what Ryan has done to create his own power generator could be a life saver.

Take charge of your life...Start generating your own electricity

It could be that experiencing frequent power outrage and short volts has become the norm of the day and no one seems to care or the response team is just too slow to suit your urgent needs.

The Easy Power Plan is also an ideal option for individuals struggling to pay the hefty electric bills and have been yearning for an alternative; energy source, which will serve them all year long at a cheaper cost.

Also, if you don’t possess any special knowledge concerning matters energy but are willing to learn on the job, you will easily understand how to go about this program as it comes with a step by step guideline.

The good news is that you won’t even require an expert to help you out.

So you. Yes, you who has been waiting for such an opportunity to give back to mother earth are also the best candidate for this course.

What do you get with the program?

The Easy Power Plan tries its best to be precise and simple to allow anyone willing and ready to try creating a reliable and cheap source of energy to implement.

It comes with in-depth well-written instructions, which are accompanied by video tutorials for a better understanding.

The program also includes a full list of the materials and tools you will require, complete with referrals of the best places to get them.

When you look at the video tutorials and the written guide, you will realize that they’re categorized into sub-sections to help you peruse through quickly.

Also, to ensure you maximally enjoy the easy building process, Ryan Taylor has divided the guide into several modules.

And to show confidence in his work, the author offers you a 60-days money-back guarantee in case the outcome doesn’t match your expectations,

Here are some of the details that you will come across;

  • Coil construction
  • Rotor
  • Program advantages
  • Connectors assembling
  • Mounting of the control and recovery board
  • Assembling the rotor, bracket support, and the generator
  • Coils connections
  • Fastening the 55140 Hamlin Magnetic sensors.

Expect the following from the video tutorials;

  • Boil and rotor building
  • Rotor, coils and control board assembling
  • The tools and components
  • Finalizing the coils, the rotor, and the final assembly
  • And the final testing process.

There are also various extras in place (free of charge) such as a tactical flashlight and various information resources to help you gain a better understanding of the topic and power-building process.

Take charge of your life...Start generating your own electricity

Some of the resources include how to reduce energy waste, how to be environmentally friendly, top 15 ways to save money, a guide about spin power generator, saving the world by saving power, and how to protect the ecology.

You will also love going through bonuses such as the BioPower revolution, money-saving tips for families, the electric lighting history,  how to reduce the energy waste, power from Smith generator, and of course the Meyer magnet motor.

Benefits/pros of the Easy Power Plan

We have finally come to the most exciting section of this review.

By now you must be wondering “what is in it for me?”

Well, here’s where we go through the various pros of the Easy Power Plan to help you understand what you stand to gain if you decide to invest in it today.

Once you get all the information, you will be at a better place to make an informed choice.

Too anxious already? Let’s get started!

The materials are easy to obtain.

You can find most of them at the hardware store within your hood.

But if you already have some junk at the back of your garage, then you /might not even spend a cent! Or if you do, just a few bucks!

According to Ryan, all the stuff he required cost him around $106.

Easy to fix materials.

So, you don’t have to start worrying about how you’re going to lift and fix the materials.

According to the Easy Power Plan, all the materials are light-weighted such that anyone including kids and aged persons can handle with ease.

All you have to do is diligently follow the instructions and everything else will just flow.

You don’t require Fuel!

It wouldn’t make sense to try saving energy and protect the environment while you need a lot of fuel to create an alternative energy source, right?

Well, the plan doesn’t even include the use of any poisonous gas emission!

Take charge of your life...Start generating your own electricity

Your power plant will be light-weighted.

This is because the materials used for its construction are also very light.

So, expect it to weigh much less than the standard generator!

Dismantling and Assembling Made-easy!

In case you make any mistake while constructing, you can easily dismantle everything and take the shortest time to reassemble it again.

So, be ready to have lots of fun while at it. Especially if you’re going to let the kids help in the process.

Limitless access to online support.

You can easily click online and easily access the answers to troubleshooting issues.

The instructions are very simple and easy to follow for everybody.

So if you love them written, document in video, or the form of a pdf, that’s exactly what you will get.

The author has also explained in detail the science behind the Easy Power Plan creation, so you will be creating a product whose impacts you truly understand.

Safe Use

The power plant is safe to use at any place that you please.

You don’t have to worry about gas explosions or anything of that sort. Safe for you and the environment.

No maintenance costs

Unlike other products where you will be expected to spend some money in terms of maintenance costs now and then, you won’t have to think about that with the Easy Power Plan.

This is because its main body parts are made up of a hard cylinder, few belts, 2- cogwheels, and 3-wooden wheels, which won’t give you a hard time to maintain.


Apart from the fact that this program is well thought of, the author is also very thoughtful to have come-up with various bonuses and extras for his customers. That too free of charge.

So, it’s a win-win situation for you. You get to learn other amazing money and energy saving tips that will turn your life around.

Refer to the overview section for a list of the extras you can access once you get this plan.

Slashed Energy Bills

This plan promises to help you create a power plant, which will supply you with all the amount of electric power you need for your home and office. What’s amazing though is that you will get all this at a significantly reduced cost.

The tips you will help you save some cash while allowing you to consume as much energy as you did before.

According to the Easy Power Plan, you should expect to save up to 60% of your current electricity costs.

Cons of Easy Power Plan Program

Everything under the sun has its share of disadvantages. And this Easy Power Plan is no exception.

Some of the cons of this program include;

Internet Connection

Currently, the only way you can access this plan is by having a reliable source of internet connection.

So, if you don’t them you won’t be able to create anything.

This means if you stay in a remote area where the internet connection is a problem, you will have to wait a little bit longer (until you can access the internet) to dream of proceeding with this program.

Requires Extreme Attentiveness

This is not a one-day rush program.

So, once you decide to create, you also have to make up your mind to create time and a conducive working environment to allow you to concentrate on the details.

You have to follow every single step, to come up with the right end product.

If by any chance you skip even a single step, then the whole process will be messed up and you will have to restart.

And that’s a lot of time.

So, if you decide to let the kids help out, they should be able to follow instructions to the latter, lest you find yourself at square one often than expected.

But hey! That’s not to say you can’t have some fun.

Price Variation

If you have to buy some things, then you might spend a little bit more than what’s quoted here as some stores are more expensive than others.


By now you must have made your conclusion about the Easy Power Program. But I will still go ahead and give you my final verdict about Ryan’s plan.

The main focus of this program is to help everyone, create a power plant that will serve all their needs at a cheaper cost.

And by everyone, I mean any individual who is already tired of the unreliability attributes of their current main energy supplier.

It could be because of the random and often power cuts or short volts or even high taxations that greatly impact the amount on the bill they receive at the end of the month or week.

This also refers to individuals who love everything to do with eco-friendly solutions and can’t hesitate to be counted among the ones who are helping the universe recover its lost glory from poisonous gases that have been emanated to it over the years.

Take charge of your life...Start generating your own electricity

Also, it refers to anyone adventurous enough to want to experiment with whichever digital program that promises the best for humanity.

The author has ensured to make the Easy Power Plan as simple and easy as it can be so that all individuals can enjoy learning and creating within their spaces. With no other help but the resources accessed through the internet.

You see, if we carefully examine our lives, you will realize that we have been overly dependent on electricity in almost every area of our daily lives.

And that has been absolutely fine, at least for the early years. But with all the climatic changes taking place across the world, the cost of living has been on the rise.

That also means higher utility bills. And this is one of the reasons as to why there has been a global uprising of the need to conserve electricity.

Many individuals have already come up with alternatives such as solar and even biogas. And although they are both sustainable and reliable, they don’t come cheap.

That’s why I find the Easy Power Plan relevant and realistic. As it comes cheap without restricting your power usage.

But you will need steady internet connection and sufficient time to go through the videos and written content.

So if you can, go ahead and get this low-priced kit today.

Take charge of your life...Start generating your own electricity

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