Electricity Freedom System Review: The Untold Truth

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What is the Electricity Freedom System about?

The program is about generating electric power for home applications using the spinning principle. It uses a multiplication rule that is commonly found in electric cars.

The program tells you how a small volume of energy can multiply into consistent source of electric power.

The program describes how you can generate electric power without using conventional sources like gas, solar, batteries, and others.

It can give freedom from dependency on electric power corporations and government for the power supplies.

The program will be useful during normal times as well as at the times of power cuts.

It can guide you how to get power supply to almost all the appliances and utilities at home at onetime investment and low maintenance costs.

Aim of the program is to make big savings on money in the long run. The program tells you how to build a system that powers itself without depending on external sources.

An investment in the program can ensure long term profitability.

Who is the creator of the program?

Mark Edwards is the creator of the program. He is working as a Geography teacher at Memphis, Tennessee. He is married and has two daughters.

The idea of the program came to his mind when his home was hit by prolonged power cut during the Mississippi floods in the winter of 2015.

He was not the one who would sit and wait for the power supply to be restored.

Edwards seems to be an innovative thinker who can convert a crisis situation into creative construction. He can inspire people around him into action rather than reaction.

It is exactly when collective effort can transform problems into opportunities.

Edwards is a man who can never give up when the situation and condition turn hostile. He is a man with inexhaustible patience and persistence.

He can pursue his efforts until he gets the desired results.

His persistent efforts and never say die spirit has resulted in the program which helped not just his family, but the rest of America and the world.

Who is this program for?

The program is for anyone who wants to generate low-cost electric power at home, office, business, or any other remote location.

The program can benefit anyone who wishes to have his/her own power station at home.

People who live remote places where power lines are non-existent can use the program. Unforeseen elements like floods and hailstorms can disrupt the power lines for days and weeks.

Electricity Freedom System will be highly beneficial during such situations.

People who can’t afford to pay high prices for electric power can use the program. Places where natural gas is expensive and solar power is not available can use the program.

People who want clean power that is safe and simple to use can benefit from the program. Families who move frequently and those who live in mobile homes can also use the program.

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What do you get with the program?

The program is in the form of a professional guide written by a specialist. Here, the author takes you through the steps of developing an in-house power-station in your home.

The guide gives you a list of drawings, designs, and the materials used for building the noiseless and emission-less power generator.

Material List – Key to Efficient Product

Edwards has meticulously listed all the required materials with technical specifications. You can understand how they work and how effective they can be.

DC Motor 12 Volt– Unlimited Efficiency

This chapter introduces you to the 12 volt DC motor which is a key component of the program.

He tells you how the program can utilize the efficiency of the motor to harness power consistently.

As you can see, Edwards has put on days of thinking, innovating, inventing, and reinventing the concepts to make them perfect.

According to him, every invention happens twice. First time it is in the mind of creator.

Then it happens in the physical manifestation of the concept into a product.

Edwards explains the complex “energy to power” conversion principle in simple terms.

The guide helps you to build an efficient system without having to sweat or struggle hard.

Gears with Sprocket Chains– Understand Every Step

This chapter is highly detailed in every aspect. Edwards has practically put his prolonged experiments to mold the procedural approach to precision.

The language is easy to understand. He knows how to convert every technical jargon into layman’s words.

He has translated all the complex technical terms into everyday language glossary. Hence, you will have a clear understanding of the materials, tools and assembly procedures.

The program gives you a practical knowledge of power generation and transmission using the sprocket chains and gear assembly.

Flywheel– Easy Visualization

In this chapter, Edwards explains the close relation between energy and rotation speed of the flywheel.

He guides you through the concepts of torque, mechanical load, potential energy, and conversion into kinetic energy.

Once you see the drawings and read the related text, it is possible to get a clear idea about how the flywheel can store energy and transmit.

Edwards has spent plenty of time and energy to create the drawings. His persistence and vision can be the best inspirational factors for you.

Rotors – Core Energizing Factor

In this chapter, Edwards explains the design, construction, and functionality of rotor used in the program. He tells you about the type, size, capacity, and efficiency.

You can get to know the various technical parameters like the relative velocity, current phase, slip, poles, etc.

Alternator – Energy Conversion Process

Do you know how mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy? The program teaches you how the alternator can produce energy through its spinning principle.

You can learn the relation between magnetic field and power generation methods in depth.

Generator – Heart of the Program

So far you might have seen gas and other conventional generators which spew smoke and pollute the environment.

In this chapter, Edwards explains the making of a noiseless, emission-less, and highly efficient generator.

The steps in this chapter take you through the procedural approach in a detailed manner. You will learn the practical methods like a technician.

Switch – Efficient Connectivity with Source

In this chapter, Edward gives you a pictorial and narrative explanation about the working of switch.

He talks about power flow, voltage, ampere, alternating current, and design of switch in detail.

You can learn about contact, activation, terminals, and related concepts.

Inverter- D/C to A/C Conversion Mechanism

In this chapter, Edward takes you through the fascinating world of an inverter design and its working mechanism.

You will get to know how the program can design a micro mechanism to generate power at the macro level.

Battery – from Storage to Transmission

In this chapter, Edward explains the design, construction, and working mechanism of the battery. The program shows you how it is possible to store large volume of energy within a compact battery.

You can also learn how the program can convert smallest volume of energy into multiples of electric power during transmission.

Tools List – Helps You Shape Product

The tools used in the program are simple, yet sophisticated.

The guide explains how to use them in every step. Edwards has explained every drawing with detailed procedural approach.

Procedural Description – Flows like a Stream

Edwards is an excellent narrator. He knows how to explain the technical procedures using layman’s language.

As you start reading, you will discover the narration flows smoothly and ideas keep coming to you with ease.

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What are the Benefits/pros of the program?

Energy Bills – Big Savings from the First Day

Once you follow the guidelines and start working, it is possible to start your savings from first day.

According to experts and users who have experienced the benefits, it is an efficient program. There are many reasons to trust.

The first benefit is saving on energy bill. The program gives you detailed information about how you can reduce your power expenses every month.

It is possible to save hundreds of dollars every month which add up to thousands in a year.

Supply Consistency – Critical Benefit

When the program materializes into a product, you get uninterrupted power supply for your home.

You can run almost any appliance, device, and equipment. It is consistent during power cuts and blackouts.

Come what may, your home is warm during winter and cool during summers. Hailstorms, floods, and every form of disaster may come and go.

Your home will be protected and powered forever. Zero downtime for power supply is something which you can experience practically.

Power Portability – Go Anywhere and it Follows

The program gives you the procedures for making an absolutely portable power generator.

You will become an overnight technical expert without having to go through any conventional training program.

Safety and Security – All You Have Dreamt of

The principles and practices explained in the program are absolutely safe. It teaches you how to design and develop a system that is free from electrical and fire accidents.

You can learn about the safety principles which have worked wonders for Edward.

The program gives you security, in the sense that it can guarantee long-term power supply without having to depend on external agencies.

You are free from the fear of expensive power bills, energy spending, and maintenance costs.

Near Zero Maintenance – Build it and Forget it

Edwards has researched extensively on the creation of a zero maintenance system. The program tells you how you can design a self-powering system that runs forever. He has also explained the basic maintenance procedures in the program.

Voltage and Ampere – Just What You Need

Edwards had thought about the voltage and ampere requirements to run the appliances long before he started his research.

So, it led him to design the program to match with your requirements perfectly. He has developed a program which you can customize according to your specific needs.


  • Simple to read and understand
  • Technically sound
  • Simple language
  • Narrative flow
  • Connects you with the designs and drawings
  • Easy to implement

What are the probable Cons of the Program?

  • May be confusing when you are not familiar with the basic terminology
  • You may feel overwhelmed by the vastness of the program

Though the program is simple and easy, you need patience and persistence to read and understand. It is for the simple reason that the program is not about building a toy car.

There are plenty of in-depth technical explanations.

At some point you may not know how to go ahead with material selection, design understanding, etc.

Don’t worry, just drop an email to Edward and you will get the expert solution within minutes.

So, you can’t really call them cons, rather limitations which can be overcome.

What do people say about the program?

A lot of people who have tried the program have appreciated it. People who have read the program have expressed the confidence that they can do it. Of course, there are many more who are still confused.

One of the best ways to understand the program is to read the text completely once. Then you can make notes of the important points. Then read it again. If you still don’t understand, contact Edward. Things will become crystal clear.


The Power Efficiency guide has a practical approach to create your in-house power generator.

It is simple, yet highly effective.  You don’t have to be an expert technician to understand it.

Once you read it completely, your consciousness about the approach to making the energy source will be enormous.

The program is designed to boost your confidence and build your technical expertise within a few days.

However, you can’t dream of making things happen in a hurry. It is not a recipe for making a pizza for your evening party. It takes time and patience to understand the principles and practices.

If you have the willingness to put things into action, the program is an excellent guide.

It is the easiest way to develop a system that generates unlimited power and saves your monthly bills.

You can depend on its simplistic yet sophistic approach to power efficiency in your home.

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