EZ Battery Reconditioning Review: The Full Story

There has been a lot of hype around forums in the internet about the new program EZ Battery Reconditioning and if it is really worth all of this buzz.

Many people who have bought the program said that it is a genuine course that actually provide real and practical information on how to repair and recondition batteries using simple tools and techniques.

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This review here is to help you understand everything about this program and decide if this program is right for you or not.

Because we all know that things that work for some people may not be a good idea for others. So, understanding what this program is all about is essential.

Let us get started.

What is EZ Battery reconditioning all about?

EZ-Battery-Reconditioning book

EZ Battery reconditioning is an e-book which you can download and read to become a dead battery expert.

The program contains the simplest and sophisticated method of repairing and restoring more than 10 types of batteries that you may use every day.

The program is about refurbishing old and dead batteries to make them work like new. It could save you thousands of dollars and enable you to use that money for something better for your family.

The program gives you the simplest possible methods to restore the working conditions of any battery.

Some of the battery types listed in the program are lead-acid, cell phone, golf cart, UPS, inverter, lithium-ion, and many more.

The program lists out every part of the battery for repair and restoration. For example, you can consider car battery parts.

The program is very simple, yet vast and all-inclusive. Using simple methods gives you the options to repair the electrodes, connectors, terminals, electrolyte, etc.

The program can help you to prolong the average lifetime of your battery for years.

EZ Battery reconditioning is about restoring the efficiency of the old battery to more than 99% of its original value. It can help you to remove all the defects in the battery and restore its original working condition.

What is more, it shows you how to do it within a few minutes.

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Who is the creator of EZ Battery reconditioning?

ez battery reconditioning review

Tom Ericson and Frank Thomson are the creators of the program. Personal experience of sitting with dozens of dead batteries made them innovate and find out the solution.

They were facing a severe financial crisis when their batteries broke down.

The battery mechanic who inspected them told it was impossible to repair and they have to replace them with new ones.

But the high cost of a new battery and their financial position at that time forced them to think of an alternative method.

The research into the program took them through several innovative techniques and methods. They spent hour’s day in and day out to find the easiest and the fastest method.

Finally, they invented the most efficient and trusted method.

There were times when things looked impossible. It was due to the complexity of the battery system which could make several components and parts go dead simultaneously.

They had to dig to the roots of every part and component.

However, they were determined to eliminate all the defects by drilling down to the root causes.

They were able to detect every possible defect in a battery and find a fix for that.

Finally, they got the quickest solution in the name of Ezbattery reconditioning.

Who is this program for?

The program is for everyone who wants to repair their dead battery and bring it back to working condition.

It is for those who have a budgeted life and can’t afford to get new batteries frequently.

The program can benefit anyone interested in saving money.

The program is for those who know nothing about battery technology, its working methods, components, and parts.

It is simple that anyone who reads and understands English can use it.

The program is also for those who want to implement the most innovative way of battery refurbishing.

You can make use of the program if your finances are down. It works for you from the first day you start with the program.

It takes only a few hours of dedicated study to learn the secrets nobody told you so far.

The program is for you if you are willing to explore the new techniques and methods of battery refurbishing using simple tools and technology.

What do you get with the program?

Ezbattery program comes with a downloadable e-book. You can get regular updates that Frank and tom keep creating over the years.

The access to the updates is stated to be for a lifetime. You can also get the latest information about the newest batteries entering the market.

There are also two more bonuses in the form of e-books.

They are “How to start a battery business at home” and “Double the life of your battery”.

You will certainly find these two bonuses helpful.

Here below are the main parts of this program. Yes..This is exactly what you will be getting.

The e-Book – Trusted for Every Battery Type and Repair

Tom and Frank have created the e-book with several chapters consisting of text, drawings, pictures, statistical tables, and detailed descriptions of every technical jargon.

You can correlate all of them with each other while reading.

The Ezbattery Reconditioning Course – Simple and Affordable

If you are looking for an easy and affordable course for battery repair, the program is for you. It comes to you at such an affordable price which you can’t find anywhere else.

The other options are battery mechanic, new battery, or doing a diploma.

All the other options are either expensive or impossible to afford. You may be skeptic about the program because you don’t have any experience of it. I was also once in your shoes.

But I decided to try it once and now I am a happy man.

I am sure you will also find the program to be practical, in the sense it can bring you the most dependable and tested procedures.

You can implement the program using the simplest tools and materials.

The illustrations and drawings in the program are self-explanatory. You can easily follow the flow from the start to finish without missing any of the points.

Moreover, it is very easy to understand the chapters in simple steps.

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Tools List – Just Pick it Up and Start Working

The program comes with a list of tools you need for troubleshooting. Before choosing from the list, you have to know the type of your battery and the cause of its “death”.

For that, you can read through the relevant chapters in the e-book.

Once you are through, it is possible to pick from the list of tools. Tom and Frank have explained the application of each tool depending on the type of battery you have.

They have described the technical specifications and tool compatibility in details.

The e-book tells you about the various types of battery repairing and restoration methods. They vary based on the type and size of the battery.

For example, let us consider nickel-battery. The program describes all the parameters like

  • Charging efficiency
  • Specific energy
  • Specific power
  • Energy density etc.

Similarly, the program also describes all the components of the battery which can go dead at any given time.

So, you can understand how and where to begin the reconditioning process.

You can understand the process flow and the final point of restoration.

Understanding the Battery – Architectural Knowledge is Important

You need to understand the battery architecture, before taking any measures for the reconditioning.

The program explains every part and component of the battery and its construction. You can easily understand how the battery is designed.

The program goes on to explain every possible defect which has grown and made the battery go dead.

Once you understand the defect, you can read about the probable solutions.

The aim is to find out the quickest and the most efficient method.

The program explains all the possible permutations and combinations of battery reconditioning using the simplest tools. You don’t have to be an expert technician to understand the methods.

You have to be familiar with simple English.

Once you get the architectural knowledge of the battery, it is possible to get an idea about the parts which are prone to damages.

A dead battery may not mean only non-functional parts, but also damaged components.

The program tells you in detail about the repair and refurbishing of the components and parts.

It teaches you the most closely guarded secrets which no battery mechanic will tell you.

You can learn how to repair the most complex defects without having to replace with new components.

Getting to Know the Materials – Key to Successful Reconditioning

You need to know the battery materials before going further in the reconditioning program. The program describes the anode, carbon, sodium, electrolytes, zinc, cadmium, iron, etc. You can get to know about their properties in detail.

Understanding the physical and chemical properties of the materials is very important to replace them or repair the parts. The program gives you a detailed description of all the materials. You can understand them easily and start working on the program within minutes.

What are the Benefits of EZ Battery reconditioning?

The top benefit of the program is money saving.

You can save thousands of dollars every year based on the knowledge you gain from the program.

You will get the freedom from dependency on battery mechanics.

The second benefit of the program comes through the bonus “How to start a battery business at home”. It is a master course which trains you to become a technocrat.

That means you can become a technical expert and a seasoned business person.

The third benefit comes to you in the form of another guide called “Double the life of your batteries”.

Here, you can learn how to refurbish the battery for prolonging its life for years.

That means you can take preventive measures before the battery shows signs of breaking down.

The other benefits/pros of the program are related to reading and understanding. You will get confidence in yourself and trust in the program.

  • Top priority to safety measures
  • Simple language
  • Easy flow
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Understandable illustrations
  • Connectivity between diagrams and text
  • Absorbing narration
  • Wonderful presentation
  • Induces confidence
  • Relieves stress while reading and understanding

What are the probable Cons of the program?

  • It may apply to a limited number of batteries
  • It could be difficult to understand if you don’t know the basic words and terminologies
  • It may take several readings to understand the technical terms and process flow

Apart from that, I don’t see any other limitations. You can overcome these limitations also when you are patient and persistent with the program.

The first reading has to be slow and deliberate. Make a note of all the words you don’t understand.

The meaning of most of the words will be available within the e-book and the bonus books. You have to search deliberately to find them.

Sometimes you may feel the going to be tough. Then you have to take a break and come back after relaxing. You can understand the concepts and practicality much better.

If you still have doubts, you can email to the authors and get instant solutions. The online support can help you to solve your doubts.

What do people say about the program?

ez battery reconditioning program feedback ez battery reconditioning program feedback jen simmons

Thousands of people buy the Ezbattery reconditioning online every day. Nearly all of them have put the program into practical applications.

All of them have succeeded as long as they followed the guidelines and instructions without any deviation.

People say they have been able to save money consistently down the months. It is because they have implemented every step in the program.

Of course, there are a few of them who couldn’t find success with the program.

The reasons could be many, which include non-conformance to the instructions.

The others could be non-availability of tools and materials.

Inability to understand the simplest language could be another reason.

Majority of the people (more than 99%) who followed the program have found success.

Some of them have found it early and others have taken more time.

But all of them have got positive results.

It takes patience and persistence to learn and implement the program.

Verdict: is EZ Battery Reconditioning Worth The Money?

The final verdict on the EZ battery Reconditioning is that it is a success. Of course, it is not like reading a recipe for making a burger or pizza. T

echnical jargon is bound to come up at some point. The authors have made great attempts to keep the language simple.

The process flow description in the program is smooth and straightforward.

You can understand the tools, materials, and procedures clearly. There is no ambiguity in the explanations and illustrations.

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Every aspect of the program gives you a clear picture of the principles and practices.

The tools and materials listed in the program are inexpensive and effective.

You don’t have to spend too much for procuring them. of course, they may not be as cheap as buying egg and butter for your burger.

Remember, it is a lifetime investment for saving thousands of dollars down the years.

Still, the creators of the program have managed to keep the list as inexpensive as possible.

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